BIG news!

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my big news is… WE CAN ADOPT!  our adoption certification came in the mail last week, it arrived at about 4:37, the adoption office closed at 5 so naturally we got the paperwork we needed and booked it over to the office to try and beat the clock!  we were successful but they informed us that they didn’t actually need any of the paperwork we had, that we just had to email it in.  oh well, the excitement felt fantastic and still does!  we’re both ultra excited for this chapter in our lives :D

in other news… I got the go-ahead to give beginner riding lessons at DeWitt Stables!  This is such a fun opportunity, the old saying goes, “those who can’t do, teach” and I definitely feel like I’m in that boat except that I COULD do it except for my stupid lungs.  I have some plans to recruit students but before I do that I need to go and try out all the horses to figure out what skill level I can put on each of them.  I think I’m going to take a photo of every horse in order and make notes on anything they’re really good at as well as things that are not their strong suit.  Hubby (my rock, my iron, my riding crop!) let me use his amazon prime to order my new helmet and boots, I’m hoping they’re here by the weekend but I’m thinking probably not :(  Anyway, I am SO excited.  Bring on the lessons!

Pregnancy Hormones

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ugh.  I never thought pregnancy hormones were a real thing and I certainly never dreamed that I would be affected by them, especially in consideration of the fact that I can’t become pregnant.  BUT here I am, a moody, bipolar crazy woman who gets flustered at the simplest things (the dishes aren’t done?  my life is RUINED!) for no apparent reason.  I know what you must be thinking.  “Cindy you aren’t pregnant, how can you even blame those completely irrational and quite ridiculous things on pregnancy?”  the answer is simple, my friends:  adoption.  let me tell you something, no one tells you just how difficult the adoption process actually is and the amount of stress involved in this thing.  not only do you get to stress over paperwork, house cleaning and baby preparation but there’s also making sure that you do everything in your power to make yourself seem like “the cool couple” so that a birth mom actually wants you to raise her child.  STRESS-FUL.  I was sharing my feelings of stress and being overwhelmed with one of my closest friends and in a moment of complete vulnerability I told her, “this is it.  we are only doing this once.  we will have an only child because I can not HANDLE doing all of this a second time!”  she started laughing and told me, “ha ha ha, that’s just your pregnancy talking!”  I think that she is right.  right now while we are prepared for a baby and are just waiting on that sweet phone call to come is totally my pregnancy stage of life.  I know I don’t get to experience all of the physical aspects but holy crap!  emotionally I think I’m totally on par with every other mom.  my poor husband, he has to deal with all of my crazy psycho mood swings and he just loves me anyway.  what a good man!

anyway, I just wanted to share that with you all.  ps.


recruiting in 20215

How does THAT work…?

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as a few of you know I went to Texas a few weeks ago to go to my annual doc appointment (docAusloos is the man!) and go to my brothers wedding. the wedding was great, the appointment was great, I had a great time–it was all great. However. I had my right heart catheter this trip and it was… well we’ll just say it was NOT great.
the doc that did it was not quite as talented at it as docKuiper and he decided to use my current scar as an entrance to my vein. let’s just talk about “ouch” for a minute. dig your knuckle into the vein on your neck as hard as you can and THAT is what happened except with a sharp object. Luckily my skin was numb for this but the pressure still hurt. toward the end of the procedure I noticed my neck started to hurt then realized that it was because the stupid lidocaine was wearing off! I told the doc that it wasn’t working very well anymore but he didn’t give me more, just assured me that they “only had a few more tests to do.” that’s all well and good except that he kept running each test/taking each picture at least twice if not a few more times. finally it was over. hallelujah.
results came back and I am NOT doing as well as I was 18mos ago. the pressure in my heart/lungs is higher than it used to be and that is not a good thing. it’s weird because I FEEL better than I did 18mos ago, I LOOK better than I did, I guess my insides just missed the memo that we’re getting better. anyway, doc is adding a new med to my mix pretty soon. I had my choice of an inhaler 4x/day or another pill 3x/day. I already take a pill 3x/day so I think I’m picking the pill because I think I’ll remember that one a little more easily.

Hopefully this makes the difference we’re looking for! keep your fingers crossed!

In other news–hubby and I are totally starting our adoption process with the doc’s blessing! WOOHOO! again, fingers crossed for us! prayers don’t hurt either ;)